Pye Corner Audio collabs with Ride’s Andy Bell on new album ‘Let’s Emerge!’ (listen)

Pye Corner Audio collabs with Ride’s Andy Bell on new album ‘Let’s Emerge!’ (listen)Published: July 15, 2022

Pye Corner Audio, aka analogue synth wizard Martin Jenkins, has released a new album, Let's Emerge!, which is also his first for Sonic Cathedral after a number of records on Ghost Box. This one's a little different, sonically, too, trading dark electronic soundscapes for bright psychedelia, and it features guitar and vocals from Ride's Andy Bell (they're frequent collaborators) on five of the album's 10 tracks.

“This is a departure to sunnier climes, but a departure nonetheless,” says Jenkins. “It’s something that I’d been thinking about for a while. I try to tailor my work slightly differently for the various labels that I work with, and this seems to fit nicely with Sonic Cathedral’s ethos.”

“I think it mixes together many of my earliest influences,” Martin continues. “I’ve been a long-time fan of Spacemen 3 and Stereolab. Their moments of repetition and drone have always seeped into what I’ve tried to create. I was living in a small apartment and I’d stripped down my studio set-up when I was recording this album. This enabled me to focus on a few key pieces of equipment and explore them fully.”

Fans of Sonic Boom and other blissed-out artists will dig this one. Stream the whole thing, and watch the video for "Warmth of the Sun" that features Andy Bell, below.