24 New Songs Out Today

24 New Songs Out TodayPublished: April 5, 2022Floating Points single artwork

So many artists, so little time. Each week we review a handful of new albums (of all genres), round up even more new music that we'd call "indie," and talk about what metal is coming out. We post music news, track premieres, and more all day. We update a playlist weekly of some of our current favorite tracks. Here's a daily roundup with a bunch of interesting, newly released songs in one place.


After teaming with jazz legend Pharoah Sanders for one of 2021's best albums, Floating Points got back to his electronic roots with last month's new single "Vocoder," and now he's put out a second new single of 2022, and this one's just as hypnotic and expansive as the last.


Cave In have shared the second single from Heavy Pendulum, their first album with new bassist/backing vocalist Nate Newton of Converge, Doomriders, and Old Man Gloom (and first without the late Caleb Scofield), and this one's a nearly-eight-minute song that finds them trekking through atmospheric, melodic, post-metal territory, and operating at the peaks of their powers.


Delicate Steve has announced new album, After Hours, which will be out July 8 via ANTI-. The album was made on a 1966 Stratocaster that rekindled his love of guitar. The first single is "Street Breeze." “This song captures the feeling of stepping outside your door and onto the street, walking through a city with no destination in mind,” Steve says. “When you have no destination in mind, you become open to the possibility of ending up anywhere. Usually that ends up being a good thing.” The video, directed by Ramona Parrotta, takes that idea and runs with it.


Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever's third album, Endless Rooms, is out in a month and they've just shared a new song from it. "Tidal River" shows off the band's unique three-guitar attack. “‘My Echo’ is about being surrounded by phone screens, computer screens, tv screens, paranoia and loss of time and place,” says the song's writer, Fran Keaney. “The album recording is pretty faithful to the very first rough recording. Most of Tom’s leads were improvised but they became the DNA of the song.”


Former Klaxxons frontman James Righton will release his third solo album, Jim, I'm Still Here, on July 8 via DEEWEE. The album was made in collaboration with Soulwax's Stephen & David Dewaele, and features a guest appearance by ABBA's Benny Andersson. "This album is more personal, raw and unlike any other I’ve made," James says. "I let the words dictate." The first single is the funky "Pause" which comes with a video directed by Beyoncé and Jay Z collaborator Julian Klincewicz.


Albany emo/indie punks Prince Daddy & the Hyena continue to gear up for their anticipated self-titled Pure Noise debut, and every single they've shared has been noticeably different than the last and great in its own way. Just-released ripper "Shoelaces" is no exception. Also, our exclusive splatter vinyl variant is up for pre-order now.


Having already shared the great title track, UK metalcore band Ithaca have now released the second single off their anticipated new album They Fear Us. Singer Djamila Boden Azzouz alls the song "a revenge fantasy" and adds, "There are moments that sound innocent and lure you into a false sense of security – contrasted with big riffs, aggressive breaks, whispers and sexual lyrics that reflect the true nature of the song." Like the last single, it finds Ithaca pushing their sound to opposing extremes, from their heaviest to their most melodic, and they sound totally commanding at both ends.


There's nothing like a melodic hardcore song that nails the balance between melody and aggression and sounds ready to combust at any second, and that's exactly what this new single from UK punks Incisions does.


Experimental metal band Pyrithe have shared another song off their upcoming debut LP Monuments To Impermanence, and this track is a remarkable offering of mathy, grindy sludge with a subtle pop side in there too.


Paul Jacobs of Pottery has mellow new single out today to coincide with his upcoming Canadian tour. "My interpretation of the song is that it's about distracting yourself from your responsibilities by inventing problems and obstacles in your life


Florist announce their new self-titled album which will be out July 29 on Double Double Whammy. The first single is the gentle, pretty “Red Bird Pt. 2 (Morning).” “This song is the introduction to Florist, an album journey very much about the celebration of the people in our lives and the massive importance of connection,” says Emily Sprague. “It is lyrically and spiritually a continuation of where Florist left off 5 years ago at the end of If Blue Could Be Happiness. We recorded the song to 1/2” tape on a screened-in porch in June. The nature sounds are live. The birds really sang along.”


Montreal band TOPS will release the Empty Seats EP on May 10 via their own Musique TOPS label. "'Perfected Steps' is about some right wing aging loser clinging to their glory days, values out of sync with reality," says singer Jane Penny of this new single. "It feels like for some reason people like this still have an enormous presence in everybody’s lives and it’s super irritating. We thought that maybe if we write a song placing this mentality in the past where it belongs we could bully this vibe peacefully out of existence."


Tess Roby's new album Ideas of Space is out April 22 and new single "Path" is a gorgeous, ethereal trip.


SOAK's third album If I Never Know You Like This Against is due out May 20 via Rough Trade Records, and the latest single is "Purgatory," which Bridie Monds-Watson says is "about the weight of time and the perpetual fear of reaching the end of your life, unsatisfied with how you’d spent it. The song came out of a slump phase, I wasn’t really a fan of myself and honestly just felt rather lost. In ways that felt like it’s own purgatory. I was trying to figure out how to make myself feel better, become a ‘better version’ of myself. So I guess whilst this song is about panic, it’s equally about the pursuit of change."


Austin singer/songwriter Tody Castillo will release Old Rodriguez, his first album since 2009's Windhorse, this Friday (4/8) via Strolling Bones Records. "I sat on this record, because I knew it was too good for me just to put out on my own," he says. "I’m 47, and I just got a record deal… I’ve had a passion and desire to get that since the beginning." Judging by the lovely new single "Airstreamer," it was worth the wait.


Typhoon's new EP Underground Complex 1 is due out later this month, and the latest single from it is "Mind of God." "In this song, our narrator finds himself alone in a bar indulging in some low-key delusions of grandeur when his train of thought is interrupted by an irritating stranger," frontman Kyle Morton says. "I wanted to write a character that is unlikeable and at the same time totally relatable; for him to contain, in concentrated form, some traits we might recognize in ourselves (and for that reason find them all the more intolerable). For example, do I agree with our character’s nihilistic claims about the universe? I do not. But have I ever said something pretentious in a bar in order to get attention? The answer is yes. Yes I have."


San Francisco indie-punks Joyride! will release their first album in six years, Miracle Question, next week (4/15) via Salinas Records, and today they've shared the super catchy "Flyover States," which the band tells Punk Rock Theory is "about entertaining fantasies of running away or starting over somewhere new, even when you know you never will," and which references the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.


UK band Fresh will release their new LP Raise Hell on July 1 via Get Better/Specialist Subject. The album includes their great 2021 single "Morgan & Joanne," as well as the just-released "Babyface," which tones down the band's usual indie-punk in favor of slower, harmony-laden, synth-infused indie pop. "It’s a song about having a mind that’s both overstimulated and under-stimulated at the same time," singer Kathryn Woods (also of ME REX and Cheerbleederz) says. "The light, airy synths make it a cry for help masquerading as a pop song."


Anna Calvi has scored the final two seasons of Peaky Blinders and contributed songs as well, including her version of Nick Cave's "Red Right Hand" which serves as the show's theme. Four of the songs she recorded for Peaky Blinders make up a new EP titled Tommy (which is the name of Cillian Murphy's character in the series). In addition to "Red Right Hand," there's also a cover of Bob Dylan’s "All The Tired Horses" and two original songs written for the show, “Ain’t No Grave” and “Burning Down.”


Former Priests frontperson Katie Alice Greer has announced her solo debut, Barbarism, which will be out June 24 via FourFour Records. She wrote, produced and recorded the entire thing herself. The first single is "FITS/My Love Can’t Be," an intense, nightmarish song with barrelling drums. It was influenced by her experiences in Los Angeles in May 2020 and the contrast of pandemic lockdown and Black Lives Matter protests.


"'​World of Pots and Pans’ is the first love song Horsegirl has ever written—or the closest thing to it," Horsegirl say of their new single. "We wrote it in Penelope’s basement while preparing to leave for our first ever tour. The lyrics, inspired by the misinterpretation of a Television Personalities lyric, imagine a (possibly unrequited) romance unfolding through references to Tall Dwarfs, Belle & Sebastian, and The Pastels." Horsegirl's debut album is out in June.


Joyce Manor have announced their sixth album, 40 oz. to Fresno, and shared lead single "Gotta Let It Go," which you can read more about here. Pre-order the album on opaque pink vinyl.


Iowa psychedelic sludge trio Druids will release their fourth album, Shadow Work, in June via Pelagic, and you can read more about new single "Path To R" here.


Austin ska-punks Hans Gruber and the Die Hards have announced a new album, With A Vengeance, and lead single "Nothing Like A Good Old Fashioned Witch Hunt" injects a strong cumbia influence into their sound. Read more about it here.

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